Dublin: The Big Success Story of Railway Network

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and famous as the Town of Hurdled Ford. It is the home of unnumbered vibrant and pulsating attractions of Ireland and also an entry point for international visitors in the country. Dublin is located at the east coast of River Liffey in Ireland. The medieval structure of Ireland includes 13th century castles and cathedrals which were founded in 1191. Temple bar is another culture quarter of this city and a home of Irish film and entertainment industry. Dublin has become a global city after getting alpha place at top thirty countries of the world which have been included in the list of Globalization and World Cities Research.


To get around this magnificent city, there are plenty of public transport modes are available but the rail transport is most convenient and inexpensive one. The rail transport of Dublin has been overlooked by official authorities for a long time but on the start of 2009, National Transport Authority replaced the former body and transform the whole structure. Consequently, railway transport in Dublin has undergone many expansions and the Irish government has invested a huge amount in this sector. At the moment, the rail network is composed of electrifying trains, diesel commuter rail, and an extensive tram service which is providing excellent services of transport to the population of Great Dublin.


The ticketing system is integrated by railway procurement agency for all the modes of transport in the city. The rail network of Dublin consists of 5 lines which are operated by national railway of Ireland. Passengers can also travel to other cities of Ireland by using this rail service. All the passenger trains of Dublin runs via city center and there is no orbital route of any kind to follow. The most modern and efficient rail service is running for the western commuters after huge and significant improvements.



On the edge of 2007, the opening of a new Dockland railway station in the city center of Dublin has increased the capacity of passengers on this route significantly.  The Dublin area rapid transit (DART) railway network is also the part of the suburban railway network, consists of one line only which is running along the coastline of Dublin bay. The DART line is the only electrified railway line in the country and over 80,000 commuters use it on a daily basis, making it a big success story of Ireland’s public transport. For safe and reliable transportation, book for Dublin airport shuttle easily online.


Altogether, Dublin is lively city with most efficient railway network which is providing outstanding traveling services to local and tourists alike.

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