The Potato Famine in Ireland

The Potato Famine in Ireland
Potato Famine was the single most significant event in Irelands history that singlehandedly transformed Ireland completely. It took place between 1844 and 1849 and I took the lives of upwards of a million people in the time it struck Ireland. There were also immigrations of on a large scale; People moved to other European countries in a mass Exodus that reduced the population of Ireland to dreads. Ireland has yet to fully emerge from the consequences of that catastrophic famine. To this date, Ireland remains extremely scarcely populated and still has a somewhat stable, yet slow economy.


The great famine
During this famine, Potatoes in Ireland just disappeared suddenly and in the bizarre chain of events, many people died of hunger because of the lack of other significant crops to make up for the severe lack of food. Many historians and economists attribute the cause for the Potato famine to the shift in the economic structure in Ireland. The arrival of the Whig administration also brought about the Laissez-faire Economic policy, which is believed to responsible for the beginning of what caused the potato crops to fail. The strong headed approach of the new administration that did little to defend the interests of the poorer classes of Ireland caused unemployment on a large scale.

Causes and consequences
Although human fallacy and incompetence was a major proponent for the Potato Famine, what really was responsible the crops of potato to fail were the Blight which struck all the crops. It was an ailment that plants can counteract, which can cause degenerative symptoms in plants. The blight caused the malformation of the roots and the potato itself caused the potatoes to not grow at all or be inedible due to being infected. Poor people had to resort to scathe the barren farms and empty field to find any instance of uninfected potatoes so as to

Famine memorial_0
Survive to eat
Poor people died of hunger shortly after the famine as they didn’t have the wealth or the abundance of any other foods to eat. Ireland’s cuisine was heavily dependent on Potato; food, both in Rural and Urban area almost always had Potatoes in it.


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